Nightmare on My Street

Last evening I went for a walk with my dog. It was a lovely evening, brisk air, stars were out. A couple of people were meandering towards us. My dog started growling at them. That was totally unlike her. I noticed that they were lurching as if unsteady on their feet. Their clothes were ragged and their faces. Oh my god, zombies. I started to panic – this can’t be happening. What a nightmare! I turned and ran. But, I tripped over the dog. The zombies were coming closer and then one leaned over me and asked if I was hurt. Startled I didn’t answer. The second one said that I must be scared because of their costumes. Turns out, they were on their way to an ‘undead’ party. After they helped me to my feet, I got the name of their wedding makeup artist Manchester and started mentally planning my next party.

Finally Can Hear Again!

I had been having some pain in my ear, and I didn’t feel like I was hearing as well as I should be. Each morning I would wake up expecting it to be better, and each morning I was disappointed. When I spoke to my practitioner, he cautioned me against using cotton swabs, but instead suggested I come in for an ear syringing Manchester.

The appointment was set for the following Wednesday, six days after I had called in. In the meantime, I was to put olive oil drops in my ears to start softening the wax. When it was finally time for my appointment, I was ready to be done with my ear issues. I won’t lie, it felt like an enema was taking place in my ear; but the warm water worked its magic. I can finally hear again and not feel like I am under water!

The Perfect Music

When I was preparing for my wedding, there were so many little details that I needed to work out. It was tough to choose just one caterer and to trust that the one that I had chosen would supply all of my guests with great food. It was difficult to choose from the venue options that were available, and to know that I had made the right choice in that regard. The most difficult decision of all, though, was in regard to the music that I would like to have playing at my wedding. I wanted to choose the perfect music, and I felt great pressure as I tried to decide just what kind of music I would have.

The wedding violinist that I ended up choosing for my special day blew me away. I was so happy with the decision that I made. I ended up with the perfect music that I wanted.

Putting on a Show

There is an electric violinist that I know who knows how to put on a show. This individual knows how to shine in all that they do. They know how to make their music stand out. I am always excited to watch this individual as they play. There are some who value the music that they play and there are some who do not care about what they are doing. I feel that those who care about the work that they are doing can play music in a way that is more special than the others. I would rather watch someone with limited training who is passionate about what they do than someone who has received a lot of training but who does not care about their work. I respect those who put on a true show by giving it their all.

It is super hot in here!

It is becoming so hot these days! I had to turn on the air conditioning Manchester in order in the house in order to feel like I could function! It has not been this hot in this part of the country for many years! In fact, it felt like it was going to snow just a few weeks ago! If the heat is this bad during the Spring, then I do not even want to think aboutthis summer! Luckily, we put in a new system last year and I think it will make a a big difference in how feel during this summer’s heat. Last year I must have bought five fans to get the air moving. However, it seemed like nothing was working! I called so many people to get estimates for a new AC. I finally found a great quote and had it installed. I am so glad we have this new AC unit!

The dog hears better

‘Mom’ Alice says ‘what are you looking for?’ mom says ‘your grandpa’s ears do you know where they are?’ Alice says ‘the dog has them.’

Mom says ‘Henry have you seen your grandpa’s hear—’ Henry interrupts before she could finish ‘the dog has them,’ Mom just shakes her head, again with the dog?

A while later Henry asks ‘did you find grandpa ears?’ Mom says ‘no, I wonder where they would’ve gone to.’ Henry says ‘you look at the dog, right?’ Mom says ‘why would I do that?’ Henry says ‘Grandpa was talking to the dog today and the dog just kept looking at him so, grandpa decided the dog could not understand what he was saying, so he took his hearing aids Manchester out and put them on the dog, then told the dog to go lay down and he did, so grandpa left them in his ears.

One Man’s Junk . . .

I used to own a little music store. At the end of the street lived a homeless man, Tobias, who would ask us for food or money. On cold days, he would come in to get warm, and spent hours looking at the instruments.

We were used to his usual requests, but one day, instead of money, he asked for something very unexpected. He said, ‘I was a good saxophone player Manchester. Got an old one lying around?’ Well, we did. It was old and rusty and was to be used for parts, but we gave it to him.

Even though neither were much to look at, the most beautiful sound I ever heard came from this old sax and a tattered homeless man. He played on the corner for tips and made enough in a day to buy food. He made music from a piece of junk, but it was his treasure.

How it all started…

It was another day. I woke up that morning with not a care in the world. It was another day at school. I was in college. I had no worries. I had no troubles. Everything was fresh. It was new. I wasn’t the best student but I was making my way. Anyway, I got a nice warm shower. You know the one. A warm shower on a cold lazy morning. The shower that lingers to the point you just don’t want to leave. Finally, it was done. I got dressed, had some breakfast and went to catch the bus.

I don’t know why but I completely forgot it was valentine’s day. At the bus stop, I saw the florist Harrogate. I went over to her shop. I don’t know what it was but she saw something. Maybe it was my smile, could be my demeanor for the life of me I have no idea what it was. She smiled at me. I bought a small floral arrangement but she gave me a big one. I felt no discomfort. I just bought it and got on the bus. As I stepped on the bus, she gave me a knowing glance. I took a leisurely ride to school. The bus was warm.

At school, I blended into the masses. It was a very sunny, cold and windy day. I drew my jacket close as I made my way to the library. I took a seat and hid everything in my bag. I waited patiently.

She arrived. We chatted. I still remember that smile. We sat for another study session and I surprised her. To be honest I don’t even remember us kissing but we did and that’s how it all started.